Ford and BMW drop the dollar on solid-state EV batteries

Following Volkswagen Group and Toyota, Ford and BMW are investing big in solid-state battery tech, which assures to be a game changer for EVs.Back in 2019, Ford had currently put some money down on the US solid-battery company Solid Power, however now together with BMW they made an investment of $130 million.And thats not all.The financial investment group also includes Volta Energy Technologies, an endeavor capital company that partners with the United States Energy Departments Argonne Laboratory to check out energy storage and battery innovations.Why all the fuss?The battery is the most costly part of an electric car, and the shift from standard lithium-ion batteries to solid-state ones would make a substantial difference.According to the Argonne Lab, the liquid electrolytes of lithium-ion batteries are combustible. To put it in a nutshell, solid-state batteries guarantee lower cost, more power, longer variety, and higher safety, Ford explains.

Credit: Clean Technica Timing is importantFord and BMWs investment serves the ongoing transition from ICEs to EVs, as were moving towards a zero-emission future.Given that solid-state technology has the capacity of providing faster-charging and longer-range EVs, Ford expects Solid Powers battery cells in the beginning of 2022, while BMW earlier than 2025. Do EVs thrill your electrons? Do ebikes get your wheels spinning? Do self-driving cars and trucks get you all charged up? Then you need the weekly SHIFT newsletter in your life. Click on this link to register..