Hello to tech-free Tuesdays and carrier pigeons!


After some serious thought, we came about the idea to utilize carrier pigeons to provide our messages to one another and clients on dedicated tech-free Tuesdays. We understood if we just stopped with all interaction it would cause a bit of a flap, so in order to abide by the guidelines and still be able to pass details to one another, we voted in favour of composed notes sent out by means of provider pigeons.Carrier pigeon training scheduleAside from assisting the team during our tech-free Tuesdays, we also wanted to supply everybody with an animal to care for during a very challenging period, so once we d made the choice to get started, everyone received a pigeon friend and home-training commenced.The team underwent successful provider pigeon management training over an eight-week period throughout the winter and spent a lot of time bonding with their pigeons. By using water and food-based rewards, the team were able to command their bird to hold and deliver messages to specific coworkers and clients, and upon arrival at their destination, they were likewise trained to wait for an action prior to returning to their owner.Why pick pigeons for the task?Carrier pigeons or homing pigeons are a big part of British history, and we wanted to look into how it would work when innovation and much easier techniques of interacting were easily available.