INBOUND 2019: How To Take Advantage Of The 5 Best HubSpot Platform Updates

The lights, sounds, and spectacle of the orange-themed marketing, sales and service extravaganza is over. HubSpots INBOUND has well and truly concluded for 2019.
The curtain has fallen on the Inbound phase, it lives on through the lots of many updates announced to the HubSpot platform.
Like with any new tool or function – it can often be challenging to learn the buzz and to see how it can be used to our processes. Heres a rundown of the five most useful updates to the platform and how you may add them to help grow your organization.
Update 1: The App Marketplace
Picture a world where all the tools in your tech stack incorporate flawlessly with your HubSpot portal. No more disparate systems, say goodbye to hopping from window to window to accomplish something as simple as a tracked string of emails connected to a single contact.
Wouldnt that be grand?
Well, were now one step more detailed to this busy technological paradise with HubSpots new App Marketplace. There is now double the variety of combinations offered for increasingly more of the most popular apps like Slack, Xero, WordPress.
The private combination pages have been revamped to prioritise the crucial info you require to make a notified choice. Believe pricing, subscription requirements, and demo videos:

If you have not seen yet, HubSpots e-mail tool has had quite the revamp. The tool is now much more focussed on a drag and drop performance so you can get your e-mails out quicker.
You can now also automate next actions from these advertisements. Include transformed contacts to a list or register them into a workflow. It will be worth it to keep your finger on the pulse, because if the platform cant do what you want it to do now.


Update 2: Advocacy Automation
HubSpots Service Hub is now 18 months old, and a really various product from its release version. The current update is a testament to this development: advocacy automation.
You are now able to automate follow up actions based on your gotten Net Promoter Score (NPS) results, set up from within the customer loyalty tool.
Low NPS? Automate a string of actions that assist you reveal your locations for enhancement.
Neutral NPS? Automate an email series to identify chances on how to achieve that desired Promoter Score.
Stellar NPS? Automate a recommendation or gather testimonials from your evangelical customers.
Another manual task made easy through the awesome power of HubSpot.
Update 3: New Landing Page Editor and Follow-up
HubSpots e-mail tool has had quite the revamp if you havent seen yet. Its slicker, cleaner and most importantly, easier to use. The tool is now a lot more focussed on a drag and drop functionality so you can get your e-mails out quicker.
Fortunately is that this style method and user experience also includes in the landing page editor. The same drag and drop functionality, the very same ease-of-use.
In addition, you can now send out 3 automated emails to form submitters from within the tool itself. Thats cool, amirite?
Update 4: Native Ad Creation & & Automation
Do you utilize Facebook lead advertisements or LinkedIn lead generation forms?
It may be time to look into them if you do not. For your consumers, they remove all the friction from conversion by allowing them to convert from within the advertisement itself.
HubSpot now has a native ad creation tool, where all your campaign assets can exist in one place. The experience of using the tool likewise imitates the creation process youre accustomed to within other functions of the HubSpot platform.
You can now likewise automate next steps from these ads. For instance, add transformed contacts to a list or register them into a workflow. Thats likewise quite awesome!
Update 5: Marketing Automation Updates
Heres a scenario:
Youve been on the HubSpot platform for a while, and youre getting into to the tools, constructing out workflows and getting your engine humming away.
However, whenever you log into your portal and click Workflows, youre welcomed by a list so many, you question why you ever chose to automate anything ever.
Sound familiar?
Theres hope if it does. And it is available in the kind of now having the ability to buy your workflows into folders.
It may be a little addition, but the effect can be massive if the circumstance above resonates with your reality in any method.
The other small, but impactful addition to the workflow tool is the ability to « go-to-action ».
When youre building out large, complex workflows – all of us know how unwieldy they can end up being. The brand-new « go-to-action » function allows you to lead your contact to another area of the workflow like listed below:
An Ever-Evolving Beast
There you have it, 5 of the current updates to the HubSpot Platform – however there are many more, with many more to come.
It can be an excessive affair to maintain to date with all the brand-new modifications, identify which ones relate to your service and to identify valuable use cases for them. But it will deserve it to keep your finger on the pulse, due to the fact that if the platform cant do what you want it to do now. Theres a great possibility it will not remain that way for long