The new iMacs have ‘force-canceling’ speakers — here’s what that means

Apple loves tossing around buzzwords in item reveals and spec sheets, and one that caught a couple of eyes was the use of force-canceling in the new iMacs sound systems. Apple declares these are the finest speakers in an iMac yet, however what does a force-canceling woofer in fact imply?

When a woofer moves, the response has to go someplace– normally as roaming vibrations in the woofers enclosure.These vibrations can lead to the enclosure rattling and radiating unwanted sound. By putting another woofer that fires in the opposite instructions, the reactive forces are able to largely cancel each other out.So why would you desire force-canceling woofers in your gadegts? For a more technical explanation– and to see what a force-canceling setup looks like in some hi-fi speakers, you can inspect out the listed below explainer by Soundstage Network and audio researcher Jack Oclee-Brown.
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