This ‘slide’ patent could change how you use the Apple Pencil

And it looks like that may be coming in the future … with a slide feature.Long story short, Patently Apple spotted a, uh, Apple patent for a slide function on the Apple Pencil. Goddamn, that was a lot of « Apple » in a single sentence.The concept behind the slide patent is rather simple.You run a digit throughout the side of the Apple Pencil and that controls something on the iPad screen.

As you can see, you d have a choice of things you might do when you touch your finger over the Apple Pencil.Heres another image of revealing roughly how the slide feature on the Apple Pencil may work in reality: This might be puzzling at first, however what youre seeing are 2 lines of different thicknesses, each changed by using the slide function.This will not be the very first time that Apple has actually included more performance to its Pencil.The 2nd generation of the hardware introduced a Double Tap function. Usually, this has been utilized to do things like switch between tools, an eraser and a pencil, for example.Genuinely, I really hope this patent for the slide feature sees the light of day, as the Apple Pencil is weeping out for more functionality.While Ive found it fantastic for doodling away, Ive consistently wished I could do a bit more with it and my iPad. Rather, it should end up being akin to a mouse for the iPad; a device that permits users to interact with the tablet in a different way.Of course, Apple submits a lot of patents and theres no warranty that this one will ever see the light of day, however a slide function on the Apple Pencil would be excellent, would not it?Did you know we have a newsletter all about consumer tech?
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