Trump’s been posturbating on private social media for months

Donald Trump today launched a personal social networks site. Its membership is so exclusive that just previous US presidents whove been impeached two times are permitted to publish there.The websites called « From The Desk of Donald J Trump. » That does not rather roll off the tongue like Twitter or Facebook. However Im holding out hope that well soon learn Trumps posts are called « Deskies. » That would be charming and this story requires something to lighten the state of mind due to the fact that its all very unfortunate.

Apparently 45s been posting away on FTDoDJT considering that 24 March. What makes this intriguing is that Fox News had the exclusive and announced the website today, 4 May.That means the former presidents been quietly publishing to himself for months now.The idea here is probably something along the lines of launching with a bunch of material for readers to post and/or retweet on Facebook. That, too, seems dumb.Then once again, perhaps developing a social media platform from the ground up simply to backdoor Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg into letting you post on their sites without permission is a completely rational PR strategy in the modern-day era.Perhaps Trumps innovation will motivate us all to sculpt out our own little spaces on the web where we can publish to our hearts content without having to interact with other individuals. Its brilliant. Maybe we might decorate our spaces with GIFs and have them play music in the background when individuals go to them.The spaces, they d be ours. You understand? They d be spaces that were just for us. Like, I d state « this here, is my area. » Maybe one day well all gather our areas on a single website where we can share them together with Trump.But what would we call it?Perhaps todays silly launch has something to do with this: Facebook Oversight Board to announce if itll reverse Trump ban on May 5.